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The Women of Defying Gravity
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FIC: Title - Love the One You're With: How Jen got laid for six years in outer space - R - by sakura 
1st-Aug-2009 10:50 am
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Title:Love the One You're With: How Jen got laid for six years in outer space (the ménage à trois interlude) – the third installment
Author: sakuracorr
Pairing: Jen/Zoe, Jen/Donner
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Not mine. Not at all.
Summary: Some things aren't about what they seem to be about.
Author's Note: Written as part of fallon_ash's series of Jen drabbles.

If they were landed, Jen would light a candle, depending on the person start a CD, and when they came in, she’d let her robe fall to the ground. She’s old-fashioned like that, she supposes.

Now, though, she just gets to wait in the room they agreed to meet in, her foot impatiently moving from side to side. Jen even managed to secure freeze dried ice cream for the occasion. Not as slick as chocolate, but she has to make do with what she can.

Finally Zoe opens the door, peers around it like she’s a child afraid to ask her parents to sleep in their bed during a lightning storm. “Hey,” she says, the rest of her body appearing from behind the door. They kiss, and Jen takes in the sensation with relish. The others, they keep her entertained, but Zoe… Zoe keeps her sane. Even if Zoe makes her realize how much she misses a relationship just being a relationship.

Jen has Zoe’s suit down to her shoulders when Donner appears. “Sorry I’m late. There was a thing with the… deck.” He’s turned red. Jen wonders if he watched any Star Trek growing up, or if it was John Glenn that made him want to be an astronaut.

“Come on in,” she tells him in her husky voice. Touching Zoe like this in front of someone, she’s not going to lie, it makes her hot. Her mouth finds the hollow of Zoe’s throat, and her blonde hair falls back as she tilts her head to give Jen better access. Donner stands near the door, fiddling with his hands.

She doesn’t want to kiss him, but she pulls him over. “Here, behind me.” She puts his hands on his waist, and the three of them become some chain of mouths and touching fingers. Jen likes it more than she should.

Eventually they become more unclothed body than suits, and she has Zoe pressed against the wall and Donner pressed against her back. She suddenly wishes she had a strap-on. It seems appropriate, but she doubts they packed that away as being essential equipment.

Instead her hand finds her way between Zoe’s legs, and she can tell by Donner’s reaction that he likes it. What man wouldn’t though, Jen wonders, and she knows that if she and Zoe were in front of her doing this, yeah, she’d be turned on too.

Zoe is moaning, and it’s somehow beautiful with the curve of her neck, her hair spilling down like water cascading down the walls. She finds her so beautiful in the moment, so beautiful it takes her breath away. It oddly reminds her of the first shapes she saw under the microscope, somehow fascinating her. She’s fascinated, she realizes, now.

By the time Zoe finally comes, Jen is so turned on, she only waits until she makes sure Zoe is stable on her feet to turn around and wrap her leg around Donner.

She closes her eyes because it helps her pretend it is somewhere else, someone else, back home. It makes it better as she melts back into Zoe’s arms which have started to creep around her waist. She loves it- it makes her feel warm and safe and surrounded by things that have started to become strange and unfamiliar. When was the last time? With her husband? She doesn’t remember.

She comes so hard she sees stars, and it doesn’t get past her how ironic that metaphor is at the moment… or how cheesy. When they are both cleaning up, Jen is impatient for Donner to go, but she has enough manners not to do more than try to act impatient.

When he’s gone, she turns back to Zoe. “What do you say we have a little one on one time now?”

Zoe nods, but there’s a little hesitancy to her body that Jen doesn’t miss. And tonight, Jen knows, tonight she’ll make that better.

Tomorrow, though, is another story.
1st-Aug-2009 07:51 pm (UTC)
Yay guest-writing!! Thanks!
10th-Aug-2009 01:35 am (UTC)
That was pretty hot. I love this ship.
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